How Does It Work?

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America’s Most Preferred Fundraiser For Title 1 Schools & Groups

Cookie Man Incentives

Free Bonus Items

(Choose any item from your brochure)

All Cookie Man Fundraising brochures offer a built-in incentive for every seller. Earn 1 FREE item (of your choice) for every 10 items sold. When using multiple brochures, combine your totals to select as many free items as possible.

Prize Pack

(Often Selected By K-5 Groups)

To boost sales even more, the Cookie Man Prize Pack offers great incentives that are very achievable for all participants. Collect all the prizes for selling 50 items. In addition, the top sellers will be crowned King & Queen.

Do you have a group that needs fundraising?

We provide a stress-free fundraiser for groups of all types and sizes. Simple pricing paired with 50% profit ensures maximum benefits.

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Music &
Performing Arts
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