Frequently Asked Questions

Are there minimums?

There are NO Minimums for orders within the state of Georgia. You will make a profit on EVERY item sold whether it’s a large or small order.

Is there any up front cost?

There is NO up front cost for your group.  Our goal is to make your campaign STRESS-FREE!

Will the orders arrive presorted?

ALL orders are presorted in our warehouse (packed with product & prizes from the prize pack if applicable).

What happens when an item is damaged, missing or wrong?

We believe in a satisfied customer.  Please let us know of any discrepancies and we will work with you to rectified the issue in a timely manner.

What’s the profit percentage?

We start ALL fundraising campaign at 40%, but some campaigns will qualify for 50% profit.  Please ask how your group could earn additional profits from your sales.

Is there a delivery charge?

Delivery fees are waived for deliveries that follow Cookie Man LLC’s delivery schedule.

Will my group have a representative from Cookie Man Fundraising?

If your group is within 50 miles of Atlanta, GA, you will be assigned a dedicated representative who will personally visit with your group to ensure a successful fundraiser.

Will the delivery day be stressful for my organization?

Red Carpet Delivery Process.  We will arrive at scheduled time, unload pallets & properly set up ALL boxes/bags for pickup.

How long will it take to get items delivered?

Deliver is usually set between 10-14 days of submitting your group’s complete order.  Again, we want the supporters of your fundraiser to be happy and receive their products as fast as possible.