Cookie Man Advantage

How Do We Compare?

Let Our Results Answer The Question

1. No Stress (No volunteers to assist? Let our team PREPACK all orders for you!)

2. No FROZEN products (No need to store products in freezers.)

3. No Waiting for Profits (Have access to profits IMMEDIATELY.)

4. No Prolong Shipping Dates (All orders will be shipped within 5 days.)

5. No Inflated Prices Due to Ship to Home Fees (Although convenient, ship to home fees will be costly for your group and/or supporters.)

Your Packing Options

Choose the packing option that best suits your organization. Fees are contingent on your selected Price/Profit options.

Prepacking (Individually Packed)

Allows for immediate pick up & stress-free distribution of orders (by seller).

Bulk Packing (Exact Order Only)

Only products needed for orders to be invoiced & shipped.

Bulk Packing (Full Cases Only)

FULL CASES of products (typically in counts of 24) to be invoiced & shipped.

America’s Most Affordable Fundraisers!

Have full customization of your next fundraiser; by selecting the price, profits, products, and services that will best support your group.

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